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ALPHALAS公司成立于 1997年,坐落在德国著名大学城哥廷根其创始人兼总裁 年,坐落在德国著名大学城哥廷根其创始人兼总裁 年,坐落在德国著名大学城哥廷根其创始人兼总裁 Krassimir Stankov是在锁模激光器中产生短脉 冲 的基本方法和设备发明者。其产品短脉(亚纳秒 ,皮和飞)和


Picosecond Pulse Diode Lasers with Driver: PICOPOWER™-LD Series

Picosecond Pulse Diode Lasers with Driver: PICOPOWER™-LD SeriesThe ALPHALAS PICOPOWER™-LD Series of Picosecond Pulse Diode Lasers with Driver are generating short laser pulses with wavelengths ranging from 375 nm to 1550 nm as well as custom-specific wavelengths. Our picosecond pulse diode lasers deliver pulse durations below 40 ps and peak powers can exceed 3 W. Repetition rates range from single shot up to 80 MHz.


Ultrafast Photodetectors - New Models Available

Ultrafast_Photodetector_thumb.gifNew models of ultrafast photodiodes have been released by ALPHALAS GmbH. The new photodetectors expand the product range towards faster rise times as short as 15 ps andwider spectral ranges from 170 to 2600 nm.

NewGreatly improved HF performance of ultrafast photodetectors in the wavelength range 800 to 2600 nm (Press Release, PDF)


CCD Line Cameras - New Advanced Model Available

Advanced_Digital_CCD_Line_Camera_with_USB_2.0_and_LabVIEW_Drivers.jpgALPHALAS GmbH has released a new advanced high-speed digital CCD line camera.
CCD-S3600-D(-UV) includes a high-sensitivity linear CCD sensor array with 3648 pixels and UV-option, high-precision 16-bit ADC, large 32 MB of fast DDR2 onboard RAM, USB 2.0 plug & play, free drivers & applications for LabVIEW & C++ and many more unique features.
ACQUISITION & VIEWER SOFTWARE for Windows is now included for FREE!


Our Products: Lasers, Optics, Electronics

Our company offers you a wide range of products in the fields of lasers, optics and laser-related electronics - from complex laser systems to simple components.

Products: Lasers, Optics, Electronics

In our Products Section you will find:

  • Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) Lasers - from UV to IR, from CW to fs

    • Modelocked DPSS Lasers (100 fs - 100 ps)

    • Q-Switched DPSS Lasers (microchip, <1 ns, >1 mJ)

    • CW DPSS Lasers (single frequency, 532 nm, 1064 nm)

  • DPSS Laser Kits for Education & Research

  • Ultrafast Photodetectors (30-500 ps, 170-2000 nm)

  • CCD Line Cameras (high-sensitivity, USB 2.0 & LabVIEW drivers)

  • Laser Diode Drivers & TEC Controllers

  • Pockels Cell Drivers

  • High-Voltage Nanosecond Generators

  • Unique Tunable Z. O. Waveplates (150-7000 nm, 1-21 µm, best for femto lasers)

  • Laser & Nonlinear Crystals

  • Optical & Laser Components

  • ... and many other interesting products!

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