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Photonic Devices

EclipseTM Light Intensity Management Devices



       VOA Series

      Micro-VOA Series

      PM-VOA Series

      High speed VOA Series

      Multimode VOA Series

      VOA Arrary Series

Arobat TM Light Polarization Management Devices



      Polarization Controller

     Dynamic Polarization Rotator

     Polariztion Maintaining Tap Monitor

     Linear Polarization Controller

EquinoxTM Wavelength Profiling Devices



    Variable Gain Tilt Filter

    Dynamic Gain Flattening Filter

NanonaTM Optical switches

blob.png   1x2 optical switches 

Optical Passive Devices
PM Products
High Power Products

Advanced Materials

Functional Materials


   Transparent Electro-Optics Ceramics

    Electro-optic (EO) Gain Ceramics

   Ferro-electric Materials

Thin Films


    Electro-optic Thin Films

    Magneto-optic Thin Films

    Phosphor Films



    Phosphor Powders


    Scintillator Ceramics

Imaging Systems

3-D Imaging Systems

BATi provides three-dimensional non-contact inspection and quantitative surface topography measurement for 

research and production applications. BATi's optical profiler systems are powerful tools for characterizing and 

quantifying surface roughness, step heights, critical dimensions, and other topographical features with excellent precision and accuracy.

BATi provides optical surface profiling solutions for different budget levels. To satisfy customer's need, BATi 

can provide solutions either as a complete system or as add-on components for customer's existing 

microscope systems.



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Full Polarization Imaging Systems

Traditional imaging systems only capture the intensity information of the light. However,BATi's full imaging 

system reveals greater detail of the sample by rendering information of all four Stokes polarization components of light. Full polarization imaging is now used in a wide variety of biological and medical applications.

With our patented electro-optic ceramic technology, we are able to control and collect Stokes polarizations in a 

fast and accurate fashion. And our software renders the Stokes component images on the computer screen in 

real time.


                                                                                                                              More Information...

Hyperspectral Imaging Systems

At BATi, with our patented electro-optic ceramic technology, we developed a new generation lightweight, fast hyperspectral imaging device, with special consideration of airborne applications.

BATi's multispectral imaging system dramatically increases image quality and usable information content. The system is fast, accurate, and affordable.

Hyperspectral images produced by our new generation of sensors are finding many applications in resource 

management, agriculture, mineral exploration, and environmental monitoring.


                                                                                                                                More Information...

Computed Tomography Imaging 


BATi is now providing three-dimensional, non-contact Computed Tomography (CT) imaging systems for a wide variety of applications in research institutes and industries. BATi's micro industrial CT imaging systems are 

powerful tools for characterizing and quantifying 3D measurement of internal structure, cracks, defects of 

material and devices.

Micro objectives are reconstructed by a set of slices which are used to analyze the three dimensional 

morphological parameters. To satisfy customer's requirements, BATi offers solutions either as a complete 

system or as scanning services.

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