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Archer Optx公司是一家专业的提供优质低价、快速交付的精密光学产品及服务的公司,其产品广泛应用于医疗、国防、通讯、测量、工业等多个领域。


Lens #OD (mm)EFL (mm)NA



Cover Glass Thickness (mm)Drawings
K3756.507.500.306.00.275View Details
K3906.004.560.552.90.275View Details
K3977.2011.000.309.70.275View Details
L1107.006.250.405.000.30View Details
L1503.002.000.501.100.250View Details
L1704.716.250.305.00.30View Details
L2207.2011.000.309.700.275View Details
L2306.334.560.552.90.275View Details
L2409.938.000.505.900.25View Details
L6716.334.000.602.40.25View Details
P40024.002.440.601.350.250View Details
P64106.4010.000.288.500.300View Details
P4512----------View Details
P64126.4012.500.2210.700.300View Details
P95159.514.810.2613.340.300View Details

Acceptable Lens Shapes

Most biconvex, plano-convex and mild mensicus shapes.



Unacceptable Lens Shapes

Biconcave lenses, steep meniscus lenses, and lenses with severe features (e.g. a bump on a convex surface).



Design Guidelines

      · Generally, the edge thickness=0.5 to 2.0 x center thickness.


      · The volume of the lens (including flanges), V = 4/3pr3,         where r is the smallest local convex radius.


      · The design should be able to tolerate 0.010 mm of lateral         shear between surfaces plus 5 microns TIR of wedge

        (across  the part without considering the lateral shear) to 
        be considered robust




Hi-Res Wide Angle


Sensor Format: 1/2.3"

Focal Length: 5.5 mm

f/#: 2.5

2.5FFOV (D/H/V): 70°/60°/46°

Back Focal Length: 3.0 mm

Effective Aperture: 10.9 mm

Distortion: 2.00%

Iris: Fixed

MTF: 250 lp/mm - 300 lp/mm

Relative Corner Illumination: 60%

Mount: M12x0.35

Total Optical Track: 22 mm

mmFilter: IR Cut Filter

Dimensions: 13.5mm x 19mm

Hi-Res Wide Angle


Sensor Format: 1/2.3"

Focal Length: 42 mm

f/#: 2.4

2.5FFOV (D/H/V): 10°/8°/6°

Back Focal Length: 5.0 mm

Effective Aperture: 17.5 mm

Distortion: 0.10%

Iris: Fixed

MTF: 350 lp/mm

Relative Corner Illumination: 99.60%

Mount: M18x0.5

Total Optical Track: 58 mm

mmFilter: IR Cut Filter

Dimensions: 32mm x 58.2mm

Traditional Optics 

Spherical Optics

Cylindrical Optics

Archer OpTx can provide quality spherical optics in many sizes. We generally produce to print, although 
we have a large number 
of standard cemented achromats that are 
available on short notice.  Since we produce to 
order, this provides an opportunity to alter tolerances or coatings if your requirement is semi-custom.

Spherical lenses

Part#: SPH-6.0-10.0
OD: 6.0mm
EFL: 10.0mm 
CT: 2.4mm
Surface Quality: 80/50

Part#: SPH-6.0-12.0
OD: 6.0mm
EFL: 12.0mm 
CT: 2.3mm
Surface Quality: 80/50

Part#: SPH-9.0-12.0
OD: 9.0mm
EFL: 12.0mm 
CT: 2.5mm
Surface Quality: 80/50

Part#: SPH-9.0-13.5
OD: 9.0mm
EFL: 13.5mm 
CT: 2.6mm
Surface Quality: 80/50

Part#: SPH-12.5-14.2
OD: 12.5mm
EFL: 14.2mm
CT: 2.4mm
Surface Quality: 80/50

Part#: SPH-25.0-25.0
OD: 25.0mm
EFL: 25.0mm 
CT: 8.0mm
Surface Quality: 80/50

Part#: SPH-25.0-30.0
OD: 25.0mm
EFL: 30.0mm 
CT: 8.06mm
Surface Quality: 80/50

Part#: SPH-25.0-40.0
OD: 25.0mm
EFL: 40.0mm 
CT: 5.60mm
Surface Quality: 80/50

Archer OpTx supplies cylindrical optics on a made-to order basis using a variety of materials.

Archer OpTx can provide flats and prisms as small as one cubic millimeter and as large as several hundred millimeters on a side. Our facilities produce thousands of quality prisms and flats: 
we can make room for yours. Glass and other materials, such as Zerodur, are available as needed. Whether you need a prism you can pick up with tweezers or one that requires a winch, Archer OpTx can meet your needs.


Archer OpTx offers 
standard and high-power optical coatings on our products according to your specification. Even somewhat esoteric coatings such as ITO can be provided. Our coating options add the finishing touches to your product.

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