Scantech Laser Pvt. Ltd.(印度)


A517, T.T.C. Industrial Area MIDC Mahape Navi Mumbai – 400701 India
+91 22 4142 9100
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Scantech is worldwide known for it’s technical innovations in various fields of custom laser applications. We are very well known for our customer-centric approach, where our machines are tailor made as per client’s specification for quality production & cost effectiveness. Apart from Custom Laser Machine Manufacturing we also offer wide range of machines like laser marking machines, laser welding machine, laser-drilling machine, laser cutting machine specific to clients requirement.
Being one of the reputed global laser machine manufacturing company, we helped in the growth of many industries including electrical, pharmaceutical, textile, jewellery, automobile and many other heavy engineering industries. Customers are guaranteed of getting highest quality laser products from us because of our experience, core competency and cost effectiveness. Scantech was established with the initiative of meeting the profile cutting demands of the sheet metal users and today we are serving the purpose all the major industrial sectors mentioned above including fabrication job shops. We use advanced laser technology and best sourced materials from world renowned companies to ensure durability, reliability and high efficiency of products.
Scantech is closely associated with many Laser Job Shops. Apart from serving our global clients with the latest laser products and applications, we also provide support services in hardware, software, spares & design. It is quite evident that we focus mainly on customer satisfaction beginning from the development of the product to timely delivery.

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