Rofin Sinar Laser GmbH(德国)



With 40 years of experience in laser technology, ROFIN has successfully focused its strategy on being an innovative leader in the industrial laser market and has consistently demonstrated its determination to deliver the most powerful and innovative manufacturing tools to a wide range of industries. ROFIN’s global outlook, which started very early on, combined with acquisitions of other companies, contributed to ROFIN’s expansion efforts and is a key element of our corporate philosophy.

ROFIN established itself as an innovative leader in a variety of industrial laser markets. With its merger with Coherent, Inc. in November 2016, the world’s largest photonics company was created. Together, we have the most comprehensive technology and support portfolio as well as in-depth application knowledge to enable our customers in a diversified set of core markets.


CO2 Lasers

ROFIN delivers a broad range of CO2 lasers 

that reaches from sealed-off products...

Solid-State Lasers

Either in rod or disc geometry: our solid-state 

lasers are always the best choice with...

Fiber Lasers

High-brightness fiber lasers with output power of only a few watts up to multi-kilowatt...

Diode Lasers

From single watt up to the multi-kW-range

Ultrashort Pulse Lasers

Ultrashort pulse lasers with pulse duration 

from 100 fs to 10 ps for high precision material 


Short Pulse Lasers

Short Pulse Lasers are dedicated to marking 

and engraving...

Lasers for Marking

Solid state lasers cover a wide range of 

marking applications on various materials...

Manual Welding Lasers

Manual welding laser systems from 

ROFIN – the pioneer and market leader for ...

Laser systems

For four decades ROFIN has been developing 

not only laser sources...


Laser Cutting

    Mild Steel

    Stainless Steel

    Nonferrous Metal

    Precious Metals


    Other Materials

Laser Welding

    Spot and Seam Welding

    Laser Deposit Welding

    Scanner Welding

    Tube and Profile Welding

    Laser Welding of Polymers

Laser Soldering and Brazing

    Laser Soldering

    Laser Brazing

Laser Marking






    Day & Night Laser Marking

    Marking of Foils

    Organic Material

Laser Perforating

Laser Drilling

Laser Structuring

    Laser Ablation

    Laser Annealing

    Laser Scribing

    Laser Engraving

Surface Treatment

    Laser Hardening


    Color Ablation/Depainting


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