Pulsar Photonics GmbH(德国)


Steinbachstraße 15 52074 Aachen Germany
+49 241 89 06 80 79
+49 241 8 90 61 21
激光扫描仪  激光加工  激光传输系统  激光应用  激光烧蚀  摄像机  分束器  光束整形器  光束扫描器 


The Pulsar Photonics GmbH is an innovative high-tech company in the field of laser technology. The range of the company includes the development, production and sales of machines, integrated tools and measuring systems for material processing with short and ultrashort pulse lasers.

Modular systems for beam shaping and beam deflection are specifically reinforced with sensors in order to simplify the operation of USP lasers systems and increase productivity significantly. By integrating sensor modules processes can be monitored and workpieces and machining results can be qualified directly in the machine. The interface to the user and the control of the module chain via an intuitive software that is tuned to the automated configuration of the modules. In addition to system development, Pulsar Photonics is a competent partner for the prototype and batch production with (ultra) short pulse lasers. Core processes are structuring, drilling and precision cutting.

The Pulsar Photonics team consists of experts with many years of project experience in the areas of laser process and system development. As an internationally oriented company, Pulsar Photonics is part of a powerful network of laser, component and equipment manufacturers and laser users from different sectors.

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