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Pro-Lite is a supplier of specialist equipment and services with a technical focus in the following areas of photonics: instruments for measuring light and the optical properties of materials; photometry; lasers and related equipment; opto-mechanics and positioning equipment; optics and optical materials; and spectroscopy and spectral imaging. Pro-Lite Technology was formed in 2002 and is located on the Technology Park of Cranfield University, near Milton Keynes, UK. Pro-Lite Technology Ltd is owned and managed by Ian Stansfield and Robert Yeo, and is the parent company of SphereOptics, Pro-Lite Technology France and Pro-Lite Technology Iberia.


Light Measurement & Photometry


» Light Measurement Overview

» Far-Field Goniometers
» Near-Field Goniometers
» Imaging Sphere

»Imaging Photometers
» ProMetric Y-Series
» ProMetric I-Series
» ProMetric G-Series
» ProMetric Software

»Integrating Spheres

» General Purpose Spheres
» Reflectance /Transmittance 

» Quantum Efficiency Spheres
» Laser Power Spheres
» Light Meas. Spheres
» Uniform Source Sphere

»LED Screen Measurement

»Optical Instruments
» Retro-Reflectometer
» Scatterometer
» QE Spectrophotometer 
» Sunscreen SPF Tester

»Optical Calibration Standards
» Lamp Standards
» Reflectance Standards

»Photometry Overview

»Photometers & Colorimeters
» Flicker Photometer
» Integrating Spheres
» Illuminance (Lux) Meters
» Luminance Meters

»Spectroradiometers UV-NIR
» CL-70F
» CL-500A
» CS-2000
» Integrating Spheres
» Specbos

Lasers, Optics & Photonicsblob.png

» Photonics Overview

» Acousto-Optics
» Acousto-Optic Deflectors
» Acousto-Optic Modulators
» Acousto-Optic Q-Switches

» Detectors
» Ge Detectors
» InGaAs Detectors
» InSb Detectors
» MCT Detectors

» Diffraction Gratings

» Filters (Dielectric)

» Lasers
» CO2
» Diode Laser Modules
» Femtosecond
» Helium Neon (HeNe)
» OPOs

» Laser Measurement

» Laser Safety
» Curtains
» Eyewear
» Screens
» Windows
» Medical/IPL

» Light Sources
» Pre-Irradiation Solar

» Solar Simulators
» TruLume LED Sources

» Optical Tables & Breadboards
» Optical Tables
» Steel Breadboards
» Carbon Fibre Breadboards

» Optics, Crystals & Materials
» Barium Sulphate Paint
» Crystals & Optical Materials
» Custom/OEM
» Metal/Diamond-Turned
» Spectralon
» Zenith Transmission Diffuser

» Opto-Mechanics & Positioning
» Beam Management
(Rail Systems)

» Custom
» Manual Positioning
» Motorised Positioning
» Opto-Mechanic 

» Software Tools
» Colour Calculator
» ProSource
» Radiant Source Models

» Solar Simulators


Remote Sensing & Spectroscopy


» Remote Sensing Overview

» Hyperspectral Imaging

» Reflectance Targets
» Infragold IR Targets
» Spectralon UV-NIR Targets
» Zenith-Lite Targets

» Spectroradiometers UV-SWIR
» PSR-Series Portable
» SR-Series Laboratory

» Spectrometers
» High Performance
» Pre-Configured
» Raman Spectrometers
» Raman System
» User-Configured

» Uniform Light Sources
» HELIOS Uniform Sources
» Custom Uniform Sources

Professional Services


» Pro-Lite Service Overview

» Calibration Services

» Diffuse Reflectance Coating

» Equipment Hire

» Measurement Services
» Photobiological Safety
» Photometry: Lighting
» Photometry: Vehicle
» Photometry: Displays
» Photometry: Signs
» Reflectance/Transmittance
» Scatter (BRDF/BTDF)

» Spectralon Machining

» Training
» Laser Safety
» Photobiological Safety
» Photometry



Case Studies




Case Studies
Automotive Applications
Display Applications
Lamp Applications

Our products are used in many diverse applications. We are proud to share some of the more interesting uses to which our product are put in our case studies area.

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Light measurement plays an important role in the development of automobiles, from the colour and brightness of interior and exterior lighting, to the beam pattern of headlamps and the brightness and colour of instrument clusters and displays.

» More

Luminance, luminance uniformity, view angle, colour gamut, contrast ratio and mura (defects) are important metrics in judging the quality and performance of the next generation of LED, LCD and OLED displays.

» More

Luminous flux, chromaticity, colour temperature, colour rendering and luminous efficacy are routine measurements in the development and manufacture of any type of lamp, from incandescent to tomorrow's ultra-efficient solid state lighting.

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Luminaires & Solid State Lighting

Optical Properties of Materials

Sensor Arrays & Imaging Systems

LED Applications
Luminaire Applications
Optical Properties Applications
Sensor Array Applications

LEDs and OLEDs form the basis of many innovative products, from large area video screens to ultra-efficient lighting. Important metrics include luminous intensity, luminance, luminous flux, luminance uniformity, chromaticity, colour temperature, colour rendering and view angle.

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Standard "photometric" data for luminaires is based upon measurements of luminous intensity as a function of angle. From this, the light output ratio (LOR) is calculated and standard photometric files (IES, EULUMDAT) are generated.

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Making measurements using light. From sunscreen SPF and UVA protection factor (both of which are derived in-vitro from spectral transmittance) to the reflectance of butterfly wings. Surface "appearance" is guaged by measuring BRDF or scatter.

» More

Electronic imaging equipment based upon CCD and CMOS detector arrays requires pixel normalisation, flat fielding and distortion correction to yield high quality data or images. A similar approach is taken with remote sensing spectral imagers.

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Signals & Signs


Signs Applications
Sunscreen Applications

The correct brightness, luminance uniformity and chromaticity of signals and signs helps to ensure that the information or warning message is clearly communicated.

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In-vitro spectrophotometry is routinely used to determine the sun protection factor (SPF), UVA ratio and COLIPA UVA-PF of new sunscreen formulations.

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