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Prizmatix Ltd. specializes in ultra high-power LED illumination systems for microscopy and optogenetics as well as other scientific and industrial applications. Our systems incorporate the latest technology in packages that offer maximum versatility in light delivery and light sensing. We have a full range of products, including high-power fiber-coupled LEDs and UV LEDs.

Prizmatix experts work to understand each customer’s needs and then offer cost effective off-the-shelf or customized solutions based on our standard modular products. Our high-power LED illumination systems are used as OEM components in various biomedical products employed in industrial applications, and help academic research groups make new discoveries.


Prizmatix IN-VIVO Optogenetics Toolbox for Freely Moving Mammals

Prizmatix offers a full range of modules for in-vivo optogenetics starting from the single wavelength plug-and-go Optogenetics-LED to multi-wavelength systems for activation and silencing.

These devices enable activation of various Opsins (like Channelrhodopsin (ChR), Halorhodopsin (NpHR), Archaerhodopsin (ArchT) and many others) at freely- moving mammals through Rotary-Joint and flexible fiber optics at better than millisecond-scale temporal precision.

For Zebrafish Larvae Optogenetics set-ups, Prizmatix offers the Ultra High Power LED illumination system for microplate

LEDs for Optogenetics

Prizmatix IN-VITRO Optogenetics Toolbox

LEDs for Optogenetics

Prizmatix's versatile Optogenetics activation system includes Ultra High Power LEDs, Beam Combiners for multiple opsin activation, Fiber Optics and Microscope Adaptors for coupling to fiber or to epifluorescence port of microscope. The Beam Switcher permits an easy switch between the two without a need to change the setup. Fiber coupler adaptor enables further use of in-vitro system for in-vivo experiments in freely moving mammals.

Ultra-High Power Collimated LED Light Sources

Ultra-High Power collimated LED light source

modules are available at wavelengths from UV to NIR and White. Multiple modules can be easily combined to create multi-wavelength light source. The output beam is easily changed by user to be collimated, fiber coupled or light-guide coupled. These collimated LEDs are excellent light sources for Optogenetics, Fluorescence Microscopy, cell culture, chemical reaction activation and many other applications.

Collimated LED Light Sources for Fluorescence Microscopy

High Power Collimated LEDs at numerous wavelengths for high end customized fluorescence microscopy setups Liquid Light Guide coupled High Power LEDs for routine fluorescence microscopy Direct Coupled to epi-fluorescence port UV+White Collimated LED source for routine fluorescence microscopy.

  • From High Power LEDs (>3W) to Ultra High Power LED (70W)

  • From UV to NIR and White LED sources

  • From Collimated to Light Guide Coupled devices

  • From Single wavelength to Multi-wavelength modular sources

Multi-Wavelength Fiber-Coupled LEDs

Multi-wavelength Fiber-Coupled LEDs offer two or more High Power LED mix in a single device. Each channel of the multi-wavelength LED light source has independent control and high current driver.

Portable UV Fiber-Coupled LED Light Source

The portable, battery operated fiber-coupled high power UV LED light source designed for field application such as Non Destructive Test NDT inspection by Borescope.

Broadband White Fiber-Coupled LED

Fiber-Coupled LED (FC-BBW-LED) features wide emission spectrum from 400nm to 700nm. This wide spectrum is excellent for various reflection and transmission spectroscopy applications as well as color measurements.

High power Fiber-Coupled LEDs

High Power fiber-coupled LED light source modules (Silver-LED) are excellent replacement of lasers in applications such as Spectroscopy, Optogenetics, Cross linking and many others. Silver-LED is available in numerous wavelengths from UV to NIR.

 Rotary Joint



Fiber-Coupled LED

 Multi-Wavelength Fiber-Coupled LED
 Broadband Fiber-Coupled White LED
 Portable Fiber-Coupled UV LEDd


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