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美国PriTel公司成立于1995年,专注于射频和光学技术,多年来致力于设计、制造1550nm和1060nm波段的主动和被动锁模光纤激光器、放大器及相关设备,可以满足各种特殊科研应用的技术指标要求。PriTel公司在全球范围内与众多通信相关客户紧密合作,可为客户定制设计短脉冲光纤激光器,最高重复率高达40 Gbps,还可提供输出速率超过320 Gbps的复用系统,同时,PriTel公司的亚皮秒脉冲放大器和脉冲压缩器可用于光学相干层析成像(OCT)和超连续谱产生等相关应用。PriTel公司是高端科研客户的最佳定制产品合作伙伴。


  1. Femtosecond Fiber Lasers

  2. Optical Fiber Amplifiers

  3. High Repetition Rate Fiber Lasers

  4. Tunable Filter Assemblies

  5. Optical Pulse Compressors

  6. Optical Clock Multipliers

  7. Second Harmonic Generators

  8. Optical Pulse Picker

Fiber Lasers:

FFL Series of Picosecond and Femtosecond Fiber Lasers are Er-doped (1550 nm band) and Yb-doped (1060 nm band) fiber lasers that generate short pulses via mode-locking with an InGaAs saturable absorber. Models are available with pulsewidths of 10 ps, 5 ps, 2 ps, 600 fs, or 150 fs at pulse-repetition rates of 20 to 
50 MHz, with 1 to 7 mW of average output power. Polarization-maintaining output is standard on the FFLs.

UOC Series of Ultrafast Optical Clocks are easy-to-use actively-mode-locked fiber lasers that provide high pulse-repetition frequencies and high average output powers for 1550 nm time-division-multiplexed communications R&D. Models are available for the 1550 nm and 1060 nm bands with repetition rates from 5 to 40 GHz. Now with Quick-Change filters for pulsewidths of <10 ps, <5 ps, <2.5 ps, and <1.6 ps.

Multipliers, Compressors, SHG/THG:

OCM Series of Optical Clock Multipliers increase the frequency of input optical signals in the range of 10 to 40 GHz by factors of 2, 4, 8, and 16. Output frequencies up to 320 GHz have been achieved with PriTel's OCM.

FP Series of FEMTOPULSE™ Optical Pulse Compressors are unique 1550-nm optical fiber amplifiers that provide for amplification of short pulses with minimal self-phase-modulation and minimal dispersion. Models are designed for use with PriTel's lasers to compress 3-ps pulses to <400 fs. 

SHG/THG Series of Second/Third Harmonic Generators combine the ease of operation of the FFL laser with fiber pigtailed optics of the Periodically Poled LiNbO3 module into a 765-780 nm/510-520nm tunable source with pulse repetition rates from 10 MHz to 100 MHz. 

Optical Fiber Amplifiers:

FA Series of Low and High Power Optical Fiber Amplifiers are designed for R&D applications in telecommunications, CATV, fiber lasers, optical switching, solid state lasers, metrology, etc. Low-power models are available with output powers from 12 to 23 dBm, and high power models are available with output powers from 24 to 37 dBm.

PMFA Series of Polarization Maintaining Optical Fiber Amplifiers provide lower noise and reduced amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) than non-PM amplifiers while maintaining the input polarization with a high extinction ratio, >22 dB. Models are available with output powers up to 13 to 37 dBm.

SPFA Series of Sub Picosecond Optical Fiber Amplifiers employ short lengths of Er-doped and undoped fibers to minimize dispersion, as well as Er-doped fiber with a 10-micron core diameter in some models (vs. 5 microns in the FA Series) to obtain high pulse power. Models are available with output powers up to 33 dBm.

LNHPFA Series of Low-Noise High Power Optical Fiber Amplifiers are high-sensitivity, low-noise power amplifiers. Model LNHPFA-23 produces 23 dBm of output power with input power of only -20 dBm by integrating a low-noise preamplifier, a tunable band-pass filter, and a high-power amplifier.

FA-L Series of L-Band Optical Fiber Amplifiers are designed for R&D applications at 1565 to 1615 nm. Models are available with output powers up to 27 dBm. Dispersion management allows excellent sub-picosecond pulse performance in the L-Band with minimal polarization mode dispersion.

Yb-FA Series of 1060nm Optical Fiber Amplifiers are designed for R&D applications in 1060nm band for fiber lasers, metrology, material science, etc. These amplifiers are available at various output power levels (18 to 33 dBm) in both polarization maintaining and insensitive versions.

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