Optical Pulse Machines(以色列)


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Optical Pulse Machines (OPM) designs and manufactures electronic and electro-optical products primarily for the laser and electro-optics industries.

Our staff and sub-contractors include experienced physicists and engineers with strong background in the industrial, scientific and bio/medical markets.


OPM-LDa Series Pulsers

The OPM-LDa series seed laser assembly is a family of high performance optical pulsers / seeders modules. Each module includes an adjustable pulse generator, a laser driver, a TEC controller and an integrated laser diode.

Product family highlights:

- Pulse width from pico-seconds to micro-seconds

- Peak current up to 3A

Pulse Shaping

OPM's pulse shaping modules include three main products:

-The OPM-LD-ps Optical Waveform Generator with programming resolution of <1 ns and peak current of 2A.

-The OPM-LD-Lin - a broadband electrical to optical converter with excellent linearity and peak current up to 3A.

-The OPM-AMP-700 - an amplifier which drives programmed waveforms to a MZ modulator 

Test Jig and Accesories

 The test jig is a capable and flexible tool to test all of OPM's standard products. It includes power supplies, a variable trigger generator, monitors, controls and communications.

OPM offers a variety of accesories for your lab setup to ensure a smooth plug & play experience. 

The available accesories are cables, adaptors, terminators and filters.


 Custom / Non-Standard Designs

OPM develops custom products based on specific customer needs. 

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