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Abacus Laser公司位于德国下萨克森州哥廷根,依托哥廷根大学雄厚的科技实力,Abacus Laser20多年来,一直专注于为用户提供特殊要求激光器和光学遥感领域的解决方案,如特定波长、超窄带宽激光器的定制。公司的服务涵盖各类特殊的激光应用、激光设计、激光开发及维修。


Lab demonstrator of a lidar module

Abacus Laser develops and distributes lidar modules for wind measurement. These include a narrow-band reference laser, a pulsed single-frequency laser and detection by optical interference (heterodyne detection).

Our Modul LiTra S is based on optical fiber technology from the telecommunications industry and is thus particularly robust. With our lidar we can perform wind measurements with a typical range of 2 to 4 kilometers. In favorable conditions, clouds can be detected in up to 20km distance.

The corresponding data sheet can be found here.
Here are some example measurements.

Currently we are planning a lidar module based on 2.1 μm solid-state laser technology for wind measurements with a range of 30 to 50 km (horizontal).

Abacus Laser specialises in the development of customer-specific special solutions in the areas of laser and optical remote sensing. We offer assistance if you need a laser with special characteristics, such as a particular wavelength or an especially narrow-bandwidth laser.

Our fields of specialisation are:

  • Wind lidar modules

  • Single-frequency lasers (operation on a single longitudinal mode)

  • Pulsed (Q-switched) lasers, especially single-frequency Q-switched lasers

  • Lasers operating on special wavelengths, e.g. in the eye-safe spectral range >1,4 μm, but also in the visible and UV

  • Diode-pumped solid-state lasers of high power and efficiency

  • Lasers with diffraction-limited beam quality (M² close to 1.0), even at high powers

  • And, of course, also lasers with a combination of these properties


Abacus Laser offers consulting for laser and optical remote sensing. We will support you from project planning to implementation, from design to the final laser or lidar system. We will assist you with regard to specific problems as well as with strategic planning.

Our team can also come to your laboratory to assist with the actual experimental implementation.


Abacus Laser does not only develop new lasers, but also offers assistance with repair, maintenance and modification of existing lasers and lidar systems; regardless of whether you are working with commercial systems or with laboratory systems and prototypes.

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