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National Laser Company (NLC), the innovator in laser replacement since 1987, is a global leader in laser manufacturing, laser repair and laser design. Our expertise and experience in building replacement lasers for major OEM laser users throughout the world has put us in an ideal marketing and engineering position – as a service and maintenance leader for the OEM capital equipment in which lasers are used.


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Get Immediate
Laser Repair

At National Laser, we get our customers’ laser products up and running as fast as possible. Our expert technicians can trouble-shoot a laser repair problem and recommend the right solution for your laser or laser system. We have the most competitive laser repair prices available as well as fast turn-around. Give us a call today - we're ready to solve your laser problem!

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Number One
Argon Laser Manufacturing
Plant in the U.S.

National Laser is the leading U.S. manufacturing plant of argon lasers and the foremost integrator of customized laser and opto-electronic systems for Original Equipment Manufacturers. We’ve been supporting and pleasing our customers for 25 years - with state-of-the-art laser technology, superior laser repair service and an exceptional warranty on all our laser services.

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Number One
in Noritsu and Fuji
Laser Repair

National Laser is number one in laser repair and laser service for Noritsu and Fuji machines. Customizing laser solutions to meet your specific application requirements is our business – and we stand behind all our laser products and laser service with an exceptional warranty.

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High Quality Laser
Service, Parts and

National Laser is dedicated to providing the highest quality lasers possible. Our engineers and laser technicians are some of the top in the industry. We are committed to being a leader in the development and manufacture of cost-effective lasers that meet customer specifications.

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