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Microtech Instruments is a manufacturer of advanced scientific instruments for ultrafast Laser Micromachining, Coherent Raman, Multi-photon and Terahertz imaging and spectroscopy applications. 
Serving the global scientific community for over 15 years, Microtech Instruments established a strong reputation for delivering highly functional and reliable products. Committed to innovation, Microtech collaborates with leading research organizations worldwide. 



Imaging Systems

Raster Scan Imaging System

Polarization RotatorThis Microtech THz imager uses a similar optical set up as the transmission spectrometer, but utilizes linear stages for holding and moving an object in the focal point of a THz beam. The central focal point ensures good resolution for hte imager and allows for a high dynamic range by focusing the whole signal through an object at a small point.


Key features include:

  • Can be used with both BWO and TPO sources

  • Comes with easy-to-use software

  • Ideal for non-destructive evaluation


T-Vision: Video Rate Imaging System

T-Vision imaging system is the solution for imaging applications that require high frame rates. The T-Vision system is an all-in one system, integrating our TPO generator with imaging optics. The imaging is based on a nonlinear process, where hte THz image is mixed with a near-IR pulse, generating an upconverted near-IR image that is detected with a CMOS camera. This system can be customized to suit your needs - let us know what your application requires and we will do our best to meet your specifications.


Download Movie: Leaf

Download Movie: Concealed Objects

Download Movie: Internal Defect in Plastic


THz Spectrometers

Compact THz Spectrometer:

Polarization RotatorCompact THz Spectrometers offered by Microtech Instruments, Inc. enable transmission measurements in thespectral range of 100 GHz to 1.5 THz. These systems are based on millimeter wave Backward Wave Oscillators (BWO's) combined with frequency multipliers and broadband Pyroelectric Detectors.

THz spectrometers offered by Microtech Instruments enable high-resolution spectroscopic measurements in the spectral range from 180 GHz to 1.42 THz. These systems employ frequency tunable Backward Wave Oscillators (BWOs) as sources of THz radiation and Golay Cells as detectors.

Key features include:
 Spectral Range: 100 GHz - 1.5 THz
• Spectral Resolution: 1 - 10 MHz
• Dynamic Range: 10^4

ModelOperating Spectral Range
TScan-260180 - 260 GHz
TScan-370180 - 370 GHz
TScan-1100180 - 1100 GHz
TScan-1250180 - 1250 GHz
TScan-1420180 - 1420 GHz

THz Transmission Spectrometer:

Polarization RotatorTransmission measurement is the best method for characterization of highly transparent materials. In particular, transmission spectra of plane parallel plates exhibit a periodic transmission pattern caused by interference (Fabry-Perot etalon fringes). Real and imaginary parts of the dielectric constant can be determined from these measurements, as the period and amplitude of the etalon fringes depend on the material refractive index and absorption, respectively.

Characterization of semi-transparent materials requires a THz Mach-Zehnder interferometer (shown below), since no etalon fringes can be observed in the transmission spectra of such materials. The Mach-Zehnder setup enables measurements of a phase shift induced by the sample as a function of frequency. Combining this data with transmission spectrum, real and imaginary parts of the dielectric constant can be calculated.

THz Mach-Zehnder Spectrometer:
Polarization RotatorCharacterization of semi-transparent materials requires a THz Mach-Zehnder inferometer (shown below), since no etalon fringes can be observed in the transmission spectra of such materials. The Mach-Zehnder setup enables measurements of a phase shift induced by the sample as a function of frequency. Combining this data with transmission spectrum, real and imaginary parts of the dielectric constant can be calculated.

Highly absorptive materials can only be characterized in a reflection geometry, illustrated below.

THz Reflection Spectrometer:
Polarization RotatorOpaque materials characterization requires the reflection spectrometer (shown above). Because the transmitted signal is too small for characterization, a system using 6-axis control is employed to measure the reflected signal. As with the transmission and phase spectrometers the index of refraction, extinction coefficient and the real and imaginary parts of the dielectic function can be quickly calculated from the software's theoretical fitting capacity.

The transmission, Mach-Zehnder and reflection spectrometers are supported by TScan software, enabling automated data acquisition and analysis. One spectral scan takes 1 - 5 minutes for each of the BWOs employed in the system.

Detailed specifications and pricing are available on request at sales@mtinstruments.com

THz Generators

BWO Power Supplies:

Polarization RotatorVR-series power supplies provide for highly stabilized cathode voltage ranging from 0 to 6000 V,
as well as BWO grid and heater voltages.

The software package ("EPSILON") and digital-to-analog converter (DAC-16) enable user-friendly
control of the system via RS-232 or GPIB interfaces. 

Download PDF

BWO Magnets:

Polarization RotatorThe MS-X.X magnetic systems are designed to house high frequency BWO's operating in the spectral
range 0.18 - 1.42 THz.

The systems include a permanent magnet with inputs for BWO electrical
connections and the water cooling system. The MS-1.2 and MS-1.3 models are also equipped with
a 2-axis mechanical rotation stage for centering the BWO in the magnetic field.

Download PDF

Model #Magnetic Field (Tesla)Size (inches)Weight (lbs)Designed for
MS-0.60.67 x 7 x 730QS1-260
MS-0.70.79 x 9 x 960QS1-370
MS-1.31.312 x 12 x 12110all models

 Relevant Datasheets:

BWO Cooling System Datasheet (PDF, 33 KB)

Download PDF

THz Detectors

Golay Cells are opto-acoustic detectors featuring:

Polarization Rotator Operation across a wide spectral range of 0.02-20 THz
• High responsivity 104 V/W
• Wide dynamic range 100 nW - 1 mW

Operation of Golay Cells is based on measuring vibrations in a gas cell caused by THz radiation heating. These are very stable and reliable detectors that are used in numerous research labs worldwide.

Download PDF

Pyroelectric Detector:

Polarization RotatorThe pyro-electric detector based on LiTaO3 crystal, is designed for registration of modulated electromagnetic radiation in the millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelength range. 

Download Pyroelectric Detector Datasheet (PDF, 165 KB)
Download PDF

NEW!! Terasense Terahertz Camera:

Polarization RotatorMicrotech Instruments now carries Terasense Terahertz Camera.
Download Datasheet
Download PDF

Pricing information is available on request at sales@mtinstruments.com


THz Imaging Acquisition Software:

Polarization RotatorNew THz Imaging Acquisition Software, compatible with the DAU-3, boosts the performance of Golay Cells and Pyroelectric Detectors. 

Download Imaging Software Users Manual (PDF, 1.11 MB)
Download PDF

Pricing information is available on request at sales@mtinstruments.com

Other THz Products

THz Lenses & Windows: 

THz Polarizers:

THz Attenuators & Pass Filters:

Multi-wavelength Ultrafast Laser Systems

FPPO-ps and FPPO-fs

Fiber Laser Pumped Picosecond and Femtosecond Optical Parametric Oscillators:

Product Description & Components:

The FPPO product line supplies tunable, multiple wavelength outputs from a fiber laser pumped, optical parametric oscillator.  Two versions are available: the FPPO-ps, which delivers 6 ps pulses, and the FPPO-fs, which delivers 300 fs pulses.  Both systems offer near continuous tunability from 730 – 2000 nm from the OPO signal and idler beams, as well as 532 nm and 1064 nm light from the pump laser.  Possible applications of these versatile laser systems include:  multi-photon imaging, pump-probe spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy and Raman imaging and spectroscopy.




Download Datasheet for FPPO-fs data

Download Datasheet for FPPO-ps data

Download a copy of the FPPO-ps Manual data

Download a copy of the FPPO-ps Application Notes app notes

Download a copy of the FPPO-fs Application Notes app notes

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