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Micro Laser Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures high performance diode laser and fiber optic systems to solve unique requirements in the biomedical, military and industrial environments. We cover the range from 350nm to 2000nm with some standard products but also manufacture customized systems. Our knowledge in lasers, optics and fiber optics allows us to develope a system for your application so you can concentrate on your instrumentation or experiment and not on the laser or optical device.


Free Space Lasers

Lepton IV Series Turnkey

Lepton IV Turnkey
Ready to use from 375nm to 1550nm

Lepton IV Stabilized Lasers

Lepton IV Stabilized
Grating stabilized lasers in OEM and Turnkey versions

Lepton IV TE OEM Series

Lepton IV OEM laser modules
Temperature controlled laser for use in instrumentation. From 375nm to 1550nm.

Lepton IV OEM Lasers

Lepton IV laser

Circular beam lasers for use in instrumentation.

Muon II Modules - New!

Muon II diode laser

Small self contained package. 405nm to 1064nm, up to 50mW output in a circular beam. Low cost.

Beam Expanders

Beam Expanders

3X to 8X expansions. Up to 49mm exit apertures

Fiber Coupled Lasers 

Fermion 1 Series

Fermion 1 fiber coupled laser
Uses singlemode fiber for 405nm to 1550nm.

Fermion III Series

Fermion III fiber coupled laserUses multimode fiber from 375nm to 1550nm up to 450mW.

Gluon I RGB Diode Laser

Gluon I RGB laser
Combines Red, Green and Blue diode lasers into one singlemode fiber.

SRT-F Series

SRT-F fiber coupled laser

For special wavelengths.


Optical Accessories

Beam Expanders

Beam expanders
3X to 8X Beam Expanders

Accessories for Lepton IV

Optics for diode lasers
Optical isolators, Focusing optics, Filters


Radial polarizer
Radial polarizer

Speckle Reducer

Speckle reducer
Speckle reducer for lasers


LIBCell, inert environment cell
Inert environment for 
Raman analysis

Fiber Optic Products

Fiber Collimators

Fiber Collimators FC family

Adjustable Focus Fiber Collimators with apertures from 6mm to 50mm and beam sizes from 2mm to 33mm.

Fiber Receiver

Fiber Receiver

Collects all light from 400nm to 700nm

Fiber Focuser

Fiber Focuser

Micron size spots at long working distance

RGB Fiber Collimator

RGB Fiber Collimator

Apochromatic fiber collimator for Red, Green, Blue colors

Custom Fiber Collimators


Custom Fiber Collimators

Customization for different beam sizes, materials, dimentional requirements and environmental requirements

Small Fiber Collimators

Small Fiber Collimators

Smallest collimators for the visible region with low beam divergence.

New !
SWIR Fiber Collimators

SWIR Fiber Collimators

Covers 1500nm to 2300nm
for all collimator sizes

New ! 
Fixed Focus Fiber Collimators

FCX20 Fixed Focus Fiber Collimators

Available in popular wavelengths.

New ! 
Mid IR Fiber Collimators

Mid IR Fiber Collimators

Covers the range from 2.5 to 6 microns.

Fused Silica Fiber CollimatorsFused Silica Fiber Collimators

An all Fused Silica Fiber Collimator for spectroscopy and quantum optics.

Singlemode fibers

Singlemode fiber assemblies

400nm to 2000nm

Polarization maintaining fibers

Polarization fiber

PM fiber from visible to NIR

Multimode fibers

Multimode fiber assemblies

Step index or graded index Multimode fiber

Singlemode Fiber Splitter

Singlemode Splitter-Coupler

From 405nm to 2000nm

PM Coupler/Splitter

PM Coupler-Splitter

From 405nm to 2000nm

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