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Lasermate Group成立于1996年,位于美国加州,设计并销售多种光电元件和设备,包括二极管、模块、系统、产品和配件。库存包括各类光电子元件,包括但不限于二极管激光器、DPSS激光器、FP/DFB激光器和光纤耦合激光器。专注于VCSEL和通信产品,如通信激光器、WDM/CWDM、光电二极管接收器和光收发器,还将其服务扩展到光纤和光学元件。服务于各种行业,包括军事/国防、医疗、工业、科学和学术应用,不断努力拥有最具创新性的专业组件和提供定制的创新解决方案,以满足每个客户的需求和应用。对高质量产品和服务的深入了解和需求使我们能够建立长期合作伙伴关系,并为客户提供值得信赖的技术建议。



Laser Diodes

CW and pulsed laser diodes to fiber coupled laser diodes and high power laser diode bars and arrays with various forms of packaging.

Laser Modules

Design and manufacturing of high quality and low cost laser modules, as well as custom-made laser modules for OEM users.

Laser Systems

Diode lasers, diode-pumped solid-state lasers, and fiber lasers. Multi-wavelength laser combiner systems. Lasers for optogenetics, Raman spectroscopy, eye medical, holography, PIV, etc.

Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs)

An element changing electric signals to optical signals, the VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser) is a micro-semiconductor laser that generates laser beams coming out on wafer surface using compound semiconductors. Unlike an edge-emitting laser diode, a VCSEL emits circular laser beams vertically from a substrate surface so that it can be easily connected with a photodetector or an optical fiber. As two-dimensional arrays can be easily performed and executed, parallel signals can be managed and processed. With the downsizing of elements, large scale integration can be achieved. The VCSEL reduces power consumption and is heat-resistant, making its manufacturing process simple. The VCSEL is applied in various fields, including digital media, such as laser printers, laser mouse devices, DVIs, HDMIs, high-speed PCBs and home networks. In the automotive industry, it is applied in multi-media networks and safety sensors. Regarding IT, it is applied to Gigabit Ethernet SAN, SONET and VSR. VCSELs are also applicable in sensors, for encoders and gas sensors. In the medical and bio areas, VCSELs are used for blood glucose meters and lasers for skin care.

Lasermate Group, Inc. maintains close coordination with OEMs to assist in the design with VCSEL components and sub-assemblies to develop new products and to meet customer's needs and expectations. Our VCSELs are the promising emitter for fiber data communication in the speed ranges of 100Mbs and 10Gbs. The VCSELs enable high performance systems in Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel, and ATM markets. Through the integration with original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) systems design, our 850 nm VCSELs provide enhanced performance benefits to a variety of applications, such as local area networks (LAN), telecommunication switches, optical storage and other optoelectronic systems.

VCSEL by Form Factor

> VCSEL Chips (Die)

> VCSEL Packages

> VCSEL Arrays

> VCSEL Modules (TOSA)


VCSEL by Products

> Single Mode VCSELs

> Diffractive Optical Element (DOE) VCSELs

> High Power VCSELs (>50mW)

> VCSELs with Integrated Diffuser

> Integrated VCSELs with Photodiode/Diffuser


VCSEL by Applications

> Datacom VCSELs

> 3D Time of Flight (TOF) VCSELs

> VCSELs for Facial Recognition

> VCSELs for Lighting

Communication Lasers

Lasermate Group, Inc. offers communication lasers that include 850nm VCSELs, 1310nm & 1550 FP and DFB lasers up to 10Gbps, and 1270nm~1610nm DFB lasers for telecommunication, data communication, WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexer), CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer), Wireless & Analog applications.

Telecom and Datacom Lasers

Datacom 850nm VCSELs

Telecom 1310nm/1550nm FP and DFB Lasers


Analog Lasers

Analog 1310nm/1550nm DFB Lasers

WDM Lasers

WDM Bi-Directional Modules

CWDM Lasers

CWDM 1260nm~1610nm Lasers

Photodiode Receivers

Unlike the VCSEL, a photodiode (PD) is a compound semiconductor element that changes optical signals to electric signals. The compound semiconductor-based PD has the ability to receive light as a high-speed communication detector and a highly sensitive sensor because of its unique characteristics that silicone does not possess. A PIN photodiode exhibits almost the same applications as a VCSEL and is applied to areas that include digital media, cars, IT, sensors, medicine and biology. 

Lasermate Group, Inc. offers various photodiodes: GaAs photodiodes, InGaAs photodiodes and Silicon photodiodes. Our photodiodes are highly sensitive and reliable for data communication and telecommunication applications. Our photodiodes are available in various package types, including PD chips, TO-can and connectorized LC/FC/SC/ST receptacle and pigtail.


GaAs Photodiodes

> GaAs Photodiode Chips

> GaAs Photodiode Arrays

> GaAs PIN Photodiodes

> GaAs Photodiodes with Pre-Amplifier

> Connectorized GaAs Photodiodes (ROSA)

InGaAs Photodiodes

> InGaAs Photodiode Chips

> InGaAs Photodiode Arrays

> InGaAs PIN Photodiodes

> InGaAs Photodiodes with Pre-Amplifier

> InGaAs Avalanche Photodiodes (APD)

> Analog InGaAs Photodiodes

> Large Active Area InGaAs Photodiodes

> Connectorized InGaAs Photodiodes (ROSA)


Si Photodiodes

> Silicon Photodiodes

Fiber Optics

Our fiber optics includes Fiber Optical Modules and Components (active optical cables (AOC), direct attach cables (DAC), fiber optic transceivers, optical extenders), Fiber Optic Test and Measurement Tools (fiber checker, fiber meter, fiber optic light source for testing fiber optic cable, data communications and telecommunications applications), and Fiber Optic Accessories (fiber collimators).

Fiber Optic Modules and Components

> Active Optical Cable

> Direct Attach Cable

> Optical Transceiver

> Optical DVI Extender

> Optical HDMI Extender

Fiber Optic Test and Measurement Tools

> Optical Fiber Checker, Visual Fault Locator

> Fiber Power Meter

> Fiber Optic Laser and LED Light Source

> MPO Tester

> Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT)


Fiber Optic Accessories

> Fiber Optic Collimator


Lasermate Group, Inc. offers wide inventory of laser optics and optical components, comprising of various laser lenses and diffractive optical elements (DOEs).

Collimating Lenses

Diffractive Optics

Fiber Collimator

Laser Products

Lasermate Group, Inc. offers a wide selection of laser products, including but not limited to laser pointers, laser sights and aimers, and scuba lasers for underwater applications.


Laser Pointers

Laser Sights or Aimers

Scuba Lasers

Laser Accessories and Components

Lasermate Group, Inc. offers a wide selection of laser accessories and components, including but not limited to the following:

  • Mounting components

  • Driver circuit boards

  • Optics

  • Laser safety glasses, goggles and eyewear

Laser & Optics Mounting Components

Driver Circuit Boards


Laser Safety Eyewear


Lasermate Group, Inc. offers RCLEDs (Resonant-Cavity Light-Emitting Diodes) and LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes). RCLED is a light-emitting diode using compound semiconductors. VCSELs, LDs and LEDs are 650nm-band light sources for optical communication used for POF systems. All of them are pn-junction semiconductors. Whereas semiconductor lasers are stimulated emissions, LEDs are spontaneous emissions. Therefore, the wavelength and status of lights are different. In comparison with semiconductor lasers, LEDs have good output power linearity, create little noise, have long durability and are highly reliable and inexpensive, but they are less effective in terms of generating power, the speed of response and coupling efficiency. RCLEDs, however, have resolved the flaws of semiconductor lasers, and light-emitting diodes are gaining in popularity. Surface-emitting RCLEDs are excellent in terms of coupling efficiency, the speed of response, temperature characteristics and durability. RCLEDs are applied to control sensors of cars, car audios, automatic navigation systems, military vehicles, combat planes, airplanes and ships.

Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

> Fiber Coupled LEDs

> Multi-Wavelength Fiber Coupled LEDs



Resonant Cavity Light-Emitting Diodes (RCLEDs)


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