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德国Laserline公司成立于1997年,是业内领先的应用于材料加工领域的半导体激光器制造商,其提供的半导体激光器被广泛应用于淬火,熔覆,钎焊,金属焊接等方面,并以高效、可靠而赢得广泛赞誉。 Laserline公司在德国、美国、法国、英国、瑞典、日本等30多个国家有共超过700台激光器在运行使用,用户包括大众、宝马、奥迪、克莱斯勒、本田、丰田、福特等诸多知名汽车制造商。 产品包括:光纤耦合高功率半导体激光器系统及模块,输出功率范围100W-1000W。


LDF series (500 – 25,000 W)

LDM series (500 – 4,000 W)

LDF beam converter (4 mm mrad)

LDF beam converter (4 mm mrad)

LDM series (500 – 4,000 W)

LDF series (500 – 25,000 W)


Optimize your conventional or standard laser process by using high efficiency diode lasers from Laserline.

Our diode lasers offer:

  1. High electrical/optical efficiency of up to 48 percent

  2. Low investment and maintenance costs

  3. Outstanding reliability and robustness

  4. Mobility and compactness

  5. Easy integration in systems for production

  6. Excellent beam quality

  7. Low maintenance design

  8. Ease of use and service

  9. Highest performance and reliability due to innovative, active cooling

  10. Inherent redundancy via stack management

Diode laser typeSeriesLaser power
Fiber-coupled diode lasersLDF500 W to 25,000 W
Diode lasers with beam converterLDF 4000-44 mm mrad at 4,000 W
Diode laser modulesLDM500 W to 4,000 W
Direct diode lasersLDL150 W to 10,000 W
Customized beam sources
100 W to 10,000 W

Further Information

application/pdf LDF Fiber-coupled diode lasers (242.2 kB)

application/pdf LDM-Compact laser power (267.0 kB)

application/pdf LDF beam converter (421.8 kB)

Laserline Downloads

Laserline - Additional Components

laser-opticsLaserline Optics
4 pages, 1 MB
laser zoom-opticsLaserline Zoom Optics
4 pages, 1 MB

New Case Studies

welding of tailored blanksLaserline Welding of Tailored Blanks 
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Edging of furnitureLaserline Laser Edging of kitchen, bath and office furniture
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repair-welding with diode lasersLaserline Repair Welding at a Height of 25 Meters
2 pages, 1 MB
laser-hardeningLaserline Hardening a hoisting drum
2 pages, 1 MB
laser-cladding for industryLaserline Cladding for the drilling industry
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More Case Studies

tl_files/Laserline/downloads/sonderanwendungen/Laserline_AFPT_Fallstudie.jpgLaserline Tapelaying with Diode Lasers
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laser-weldingLaserline Repair Welding with Diode Lasers
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laser aluminium-weldingLaserline Aluminium Welding
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laser-weldingLaserline Welding of Heat Exchangers
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mobile laser-weldingLaserline Mobile Laser Welding
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metal welding with diode laser

Cutting of Metalls

Hardening with Diodelasler

Cladding (GTV)

Plasticwelding with Diode Laser

Brazing with Laser


Welding of Plastics (IMA)


Hardening (IWS)


Metal Welding

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