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英国Laser S.O.S.公司成立于1984年,现已发展成为世界上最著名的激光光源和激光相关产品制造商和供应商。


Spare Parts

Laser Lamps

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Laser SOS provides solid state laser users with the largest range of retrofit flashlamps and Krypton Arc lamps available. Laser SOS is the world's largest provider of retrofit medical laser lamps and IPL light sources. 


Laser S.O.S. provides the solid sate laser industry with a comprehensive range of Deionizing Cartridges and Particle Filters for most leading solid state lasers.
Most solid state lasers require Deionization Cartridge or DI resin to maintain the correct level of water purity and for preventing electrical arcing. Most lamp pumped lasers require cooling water resistivity to be in the range of 1 to 2 MegaOhm/cm for efficient operation. Problems such as laser lamp ignition will result if water purity drops below the required resistivity level.

Protective Windows

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Lens Protective windows are recommended for shielding expensive optics such as focussing lenses and F-theta lenses from splatter and debris during laser processing.

Laser SOS provides a comprehensive range of retrofit protective windows. These windows are available in a range of glass materials such as BK7, fused quartz and borosilicate and are available with or without anti-reflective coating. 

Flow Tubes

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Flow Tubes, Water Jackets and Flow Plates are used in liquid cooled solid state lasers to channel and direct coolant across the surface of laser rods and high powered laser lamps. In most cases the coolant is deionized water.

Flow Tubes and Flow Plates also ensure the smooth flow of the coolant minimizing any turbulence, eddies or boiling within the laser head and cavity reflector.

LASER S.O.S. provides a comprehensive range of retrofit Flow Tubes, Water Jacket and Flow Plates produced in a range of material such as

  • Pyrex

  • Borosilicate

  • Cerium doped quartz

  • Samarium doped glass

and many more.


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Solid state lasers require mirrors which are maintaining lasing action. Most resonators consist of a high reflector (rear mirror) and partially transmissive output coupler (front mirror). Mirror substrates are produced from a range of high quality optical materials such as BK7, fused Quartz and other exotic glasses selected for its intended application. Laser mirrors are fabricated in a multitude of configurations such as convex, concave, flat, wedged or a mixture of both. Coatings are selected according to both maximum power damage threshold and wavelength criteria.

Laser SOS provides a comprehensive range of retrofit mirrors. All mirrors have been carefully selected for each given laser system and application.


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LASER S.O.S. provides solid state laser uses with the largest comprehensive range of retrofit laser rods and assemblies available. Each laser rod or rod assembly is carefully selected for each given laser system.

Laser SOS provides a comprehensive laser rod refurbishing service. Both un-mounted and mounted laser rod assemblies can be refurbished, subject to rod integrity and serviceability of the original rod assembly or the availability of suitable hardware.

It is required that laser rods or rod assemblies can only be shipped to Laser SOS with an RMA number. Please contact our office directly to obtain one.


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Laser SOS provides solid state laser users with the largest selection of retrofit pump cavities currently available. Gold and ceramic are preferred cavity reflectors used in most laser systems. Laser SOS has developed a unique and proprietary gold plating process referred to as LaserGold. LaserGold plated cavities have been demonstrated to provide the highest reflective efficiency in the market. Laser SOS will also provide bespoke pump cavities to OEM’s and laser integrators on request.

Lamp pumped heads

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In 25 years of servicing and supporting the solid state laser industry, Laser SOS has produced the world’s largest range of retrofit Laser sources for over 75 Laser manufactures which account for over 250 different laser modules used throughout the industrial world.

Laser SOS has also designed, developed and produced a range of bespoke lamp pumped YAG laser sources for OEM’s and laser system integrators. Both CW and pulsed laser sources are available. The CW range covers 30W through 500W and pulsed sources from 100W to 250W average power.


Laser Systems

Laser Marking Systems

Laser S.O.S. Group offers a wide range of Laser Marking Systems.

Lamp Pumped, Diode Pumped, Fiber Laser, Direct Diode, Disk and CO2. Laser Marking Systems are offered in OEM version, as class 4 or class 1 system.

Laser marking is a process where absorbing surfaces are machined using high intensity laser beams, but the depth of the mark is very shallow. In many cases, it is simply a slight discoloration of the surface, in others cases a thin groove is cut into the surface by vaporising material. The laser and its position can be very accurately controlled.

Advantages are as follows:

  • Speed

  • Accuracy

  • Quality

  • Repeatability

  • Non-contact method (curved surfaces can be accommodated)

  • Permanence

  • High Resolution

  • Flexibility (changes to a mark can easily be made)

  • Cost effective compared to other methods of marking or identification

Marking F20-F40

Marking F50-F70

Marking C60

sMark 20

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a technology which uses a laser to cut materials, and is usually used in industrial manufacturing. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high power laser at the material to be cut. The material then either melts, burns or vaporizes away leaving an edge with a high quality surface finish.

Advantages of laser cutting over mechanical cutting:

  • lack of physical contact

  •  precision

  •  speed

  • reduced chance of warping the material that is being cut as laser systems have a small heat affected zone.

  • Some materials are also very difficult or impossible to cut mechanically and only the selected laser is used.

Cutting F500 S


F500 - F1000



Laser welding, occurs when the laser is used as an intense energy surce to selectively heat materials to a point between their melting and vaporizing temperatures. Once molten, the materials are allowed to alloy and then resolidify in a controlled atmosphere. The result is reliable, oxide-free weldment. The overall size and depth-to-width ratio of the weld can be custom tuned depending on materials and laser source selected. By adjusting various parameters such as the laser energy and focal point position, one can create weld ratio ranging from wide and shallow to narrow and deep. In most cases the welded part geometry dictates this ratio.

Laser welding offers a variety of benefits over other types of welding: deep penetration of precise narrow welds, small heat affected zone, low heat input, fast weld times, minimum part distortion, no secondary processing and high repeatability. Many metals can be welded including stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, aluminum and dissimilar metals.

When defining a weld joint we refer to both the joint type and the weld type. There are two joint types: butt and lap. A butt joint is where two materials are to be welded at the seam that forms where the two materials are joined together. A lap joint is where two materials are to be joined by welding through one into the other. There are also two weld types: seam and spot. Seam welding is continuous while spot welding is intermittent. Glass sealing and glass-to-metal sealing is also accomplished with Nd:YAG lasers. Plastic welding with Nd:YAG lasers has been in development for some time and is now commercially viable with certain plastics.

Welding JW 120

Welding L300


Laser S.O.S. Aesthetics

Laser SOS Aesthetics are the market leader for providing high quality, affordable laser spares and servicing for top brand IPL & laser systems. We provide spares and consumables such as laser & IPL lamps, filters, waveguides, Nd:Yag & Alexandrite rods, gold & ceramic reflectors, mirrors & protective eyewear. We support brands such as Alma, Energist, Candela, Cynosure, Ellipse & many more. Please visit our dedicated Aesthetics website www.lasersosaesthetics.com for more information.

Sapphire IPL

Sapphire is the most versatile multi-function IPL unit on the market.

With its compact design Sapphire has been created with portability in mind. No other IPL unit on the market can compete with Sapphire, as it offers the best IPL technology available in the smallest possible space. This unit is perfect for use in different salons, clinics and other premises therefore increasing its profitability. Sapphire has been rigorously tested to ensure it is perfectly safe. Treatments are virtually painless with no side effects.

Sapphire comes complete with one applicator. You can choose between a 50,000 shot Hair Removal applicator (Red – 610nm) or a 25,000 shot Skin Rejuvenation applicator (Yellow – 530nm). A second applicator is available as an optional extra.

Each unit comes with a two year warranty. The applicator has a warranty valid for 2 years on non-serviceable parts. For serviceable parts the warranty is 50,000 shots for the Hair Removal applicator and 25,000 for the Skin Rejuvenation applicator. This enables you to get most profit you can from treatments without having to worry about paying large service costs each month. We do not tie you in to exclusive service contracts. Full training at our Cambridge clinic is included.

We are also offering Sapphire units out for six month rental. The rental agreement includes: maintenance & servicing, free training & certificates, point-of-sale & marketing materials, pricing advice & sales support, treatment & service manuals, IPL compliance certificate & safety signage. With the rental package there is an option to buy the Sapphire unit at any time at a discounted rate.

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