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PO Box 1248 Los Alamos, NM 87544 United States
+1 505-695-9315
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ADVEC Power Systems, Inc. (APS) is a technology development and manufacturing company that has developed a new paradigm in nuclear energy for direct applications to electrical power generation. Our mission is to develop and use our proprietary technology and expertise so that APS becomes the number one provider of fail-safe, low cost, compact, modular nuclear reactors for domestic, and international commercial markets.


ADVEC Power Systems (APS) has developed a market transformational energy technology. This technology has the following attributes, which are beneficial for the near term and very long term.  

  • It has market potential in the $100's of billions

  • It is dramatically less expensive than conventional nuclear plants

  • It is "Green"

  • It is safe and the plants can be located near users

  • It is modular and compact (small footprint)

  • It is scalable from 100's of kW to 100's of MW

  • We have patented the technology

The APS power reactor systems are unique and are a "hybrid of nuclear and solar technologies". The technology allows us to efficiently convert nuclear energy into light and convert the light into electricity.The advantages are enormous. 

  • The system can be air cooled (no water needed)

  • No turbines or generators

  • No giant cooling towers

  • The system is fail-safe (no burn through)

  • Other applications include powering water desalination plants and mining operations

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