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Since 1987 Access Pacific has been offering a range of core electronic components. Specialising in optoelectronics, our range includes low cost and scientific laser diode modules as well as laser diodes in most wavelengths, photodiodes and sensor products, collimator and lens systems, laser diode driver boards and complete power supplies.


New High Power Fibre Coupled Lasers

Our new range of Fibre coupled Coaxial Laser Diodes are available in both Single Mode and Multi Mode formats. With high output powers available from both series the devices cover the most useful wavelengths from 405nm up to 1064nm. 
Various fibre choices are available according to the individual specification, and may include fibre only, FC, SC or SMA connector. Photodiodes (PD) within the package allow feedback for power control and stability. 
In the visible range there are available some of the most useful and powerful Single Mode products that can offer 40 to 100mW, and Multi Mode Lasers that can output 120mW, 300mW and up to 400mW in a matching choice of wavelengths. 
Infrared products are also available with high output powers, such as 785nm and 850nm in Single Mode and over 100mW for Multi Mode devices in the 808nm to 850nm range. 
Long wavelength products up to 1064nm complete the lineup of both Single and Multi Mode with 10mW for Single and 30mW for Multi Mode. 
Check out the latest and most appropriate 
Single Mode and Multi Modedevices for your applications in this advanced new lineup or contact Access Pacific for full details.

Connectorised SM Laser Diodes and Vcsels

Access Pacific is able to offer most of the active range of devices as connectorised types, with ST and FC versions being popular. The choice of either multimode or singlemode versions is also available for most connectorised assemblies. 
The APFCLD670-10SE E4416 is a typical specialised product intended for use by defence and industrial organisations where the same type of connectorised rugged unit needs to operate with extreme reliability either in multimode or singlemode and in a variety of applications. 
The APFCVX980-1-SM/MM-S and APSTVX980-1-SM/MM-S are connectorised dual application products which, again, were developed for defence and industrial use, but in addition these vcsels also have scientific and measurement applications.

Pigtailed Laser Diodes

As with connectorised products, Access Pacific is able to manufacture pigtailed versions of most of the active products we have available. The popular range in this case is laser diodes of most available wavelengths and output powers. Singlemode and multimode fibers of all classifications are utilised, as are most end connector types that are available. Most AP types of pigtailed laser diodes have now become standard parts of the range, although all are subject to customer specification changes as required to fit the application, such as APPTLD830-40-SM-SLARCO, which has uses in medical and educational fields.

Industrial Photodiodes

Access Pacific has a huge range of photodiodes from visible through infrared. All are available in various suitable forms such as chip, submount, metal can, connectorised and pigtailed. Numerous permutations are available in choice of basic specification from assembly, parameter testing, life testing, and finishing. Most long wavelength types are aimed at the telecommunications industry, with small, fast response areas and with all available mounting options, especially metal can hermetic, and also with pigtails as the application requires. 
For purely industrial applications where material processing and component parts are the requirement, our established E3000 range of photodiodes is able to meet the often rugged conditions due to its severe selection process including long term life testing, and is available at basic product pricing due to the latest price reductions. 
These photodiodes are able to work with most material processing applications and can interface with the latest laser situations including fiber.

Infrared LD Range for wavelengths up to 1660nm

For many applications in the range 780-1660nm, the Laser Diodes need to be available in a comprehensive range of package types and power outputs. The Infrared LD Range allows many of the permutations required, such as metal can, DIL, or Butterfly packages, power outputs greater than 1mW (up to 50mW in metal can), choice of Singlemode or Multimode fibers, and also choice of end connector in FC/PC,FC/UPC, FC/APC, or SC/APC. 
The DIL and Butterfly packages are usually supplied with Monitor Diode, Thermistor, and cooler within the package, whilst the metal can versions, which can be 5 or 9mm TO do not have these options. All types feature FP type Laser Diodes. 
Within each sub-range of wavelengths, a tolerance of +/-8nm is standard, with tighter selection criteria available as an option. Spectral Width is 5-7nm over the range. A similar range of SLEDs is also available from 860-1310nm.

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