Dynasil Corporation(美国)


313 Washington Street, #403 Newton, MA 02458
红外光学  镜片  反光镜  光电探测器  滤波器  分束器  衍射光栅  线栅偏振片 


Dynasil is a recognized leader in scintillation materials for radiation detection and imaging, in customized optical coatings, and in optical components for the photonics industry. The company possesses broad and in-depth know-how in synthetic crystal development and manufacturing, optical thin-film coating processes, diffraction gratings and wavelength selection. This know-how is complemented by sophisticated patterning, glass bonding and sealing, as well as additional processing capabilities that enable us to produce optical components up to optical systems. The combination of these capabilities and skills places Dynasil at the forefront of markets in the radiation detection and photonics industries including lighting and projection, sensors and imaging, laser, space, defense, and industrial applications.

Dynasil performs cutting edge research in new radiation detection and scintillation materials. Over 25 Ph.D. level scientists explore everything from using thallium bromide semiconductors for personal radiation pagers to eddy current testing for structural cracks in military aircraft. Our scientists and engineers relish new challenges and we partner with companies and the U.S. government to bring to market the latest innovations.


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