BMV Optical Technologies Inc.(加拿大)


26 Concourse Gate Ottawa, ON K2E 7T7 Canada
+1 613 228 2442
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BMV Optical Technologies Inc. provides manufacturing services for optical components, systems, and thin-film coatings. Products include lenses (cylindrical and spherical), Gaussian reflectivity mirrors, etalons, precision flats, beamsplitters, laser windows and mirrors. Our products are often used in laser-based applications, and we produce components which function in the UV, VIS, NIR, and far-IR spectrums. Sectors served include medical, military, telecom, industrial applications, research and development, and many others. Metrology services are also available. BMV Optical Technologies Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 certified and registered with the Controlled Goods Registration Program (CGRC). 

Our mission at BMV Optical Technologies is to meet the needs of the Photonics community for quick turnaround of custom optics and optical systems while maintaining a commitment to excellence in customer service.

Operating since 2001, BMV Optical Technologies continues to grow and boasts a complete ‘from raw material to finished optical assembly capability’. This is made possible by combining extensive optical manufacturing and thin-film capability along with a modern CNC machine shop, all in one location. 

We are proud of our team and our facility and we encourage existing and prospective clients to visit our operation. We look forward to discussing your optical requirements. 

Products we manufacture:
BMV specializes in manufacturing custom lenses and complete lens systems, but our capabilities do not end there. To list but a few, we manufacture some of the highest quality Gaussian reflectivity mirrors and etalons in the business, polished metal optics, laser optics with high threshold damage coatings and complex machining/polishing of materials from ceramics to optical glasses.

optical products from BMV Optical Technologies     optical products from BMV Optical Technologies     optical products from BMV Optical Technologies

Here is a list of the range of products we routinely manufacture:
  •  Lenses – Spherical & Cylindrical – Completely Assembled Lens Systems
  •  Gaussian Reflectivity Mirrors (GRMs)
  •  Etalons – Solid, Air Spaced & Confocal
  •  Sapphire Optics – Lenses, Windows, Prisms, and Mechanical Components
  •  Ultra Precision Plano Optics
  •  Beamsplitters – Cube & Plate
  •  Prisms and Wedges
  •  Laser Windows and Light Guides
  •  Laser Quality Metal Optics – Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, etc.
  •  Complex Precision Machining of Ceramics, Glass, etc.

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