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德国BERLINER GLAS集团是欧洲精密光学和技术玻璃领域的领先公司,在主要的高科技市场,如半导体设备,触摸面板,医疗设备和测量设备市场,占据着极其重要的位置。公司一直致力于作为“值得信赖的高品质光学组件供应商”为我们全球的客户服务。


Berliner Glas Group - OEM Supplier for the Semiconductor Industry
Semiconductor Industry

Precise solutions for the semiconductor industry:


Opto-mechanical and opto-electronic modules and systems


Vacuum chucks and electrostatic chucks with controllers, precise structural components, reference mirrors as well as modules for the frontend and backend    

Berliner Glas Group - OEM Optics for Laser-based Metrology

Modules and optical systems for the laser-based measurement industry

Berliner Glas Group - OEM Supplier for Medical Technology
Medical Technology

Optical system solutions – ISO 13485 certified – used in the following areas: 


Dentistry, microassembly, endoscopy & minimally invasive surgery, bioanalysis & life sciences


Ophthalmology and life sciences

Berliner Glas Group - OEM Optics for Beam Shaping Systems
Laser Technology

Optical solutions and key components for customer-specific beam forming systems, areas of application include:


Laser material processing, laser annealing & lift-off, laser technologies in research


Laser material processing for industrial manufacturing

Berliner Glas Group - OEM Partner for Space Data Highway

Optics for laser space communication and to monitor the environment from space

Berliner Glas Group - OEM Manufacturer of Touch Assemblies
Technical Glass and Touch Modules

Customer-specific processed glass for very diverse markets:


Display modules or touch applications - depending on the nature and desired function of the application


Structured glass surfaces e. g. surface roughness or gloss values for various areas of use

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